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The following answers to frequently asked security related questions will certainly change your life. Wouldn't it be interesting for you to know what to do when the key is not inserted in the lock? Do you know why lock rekey is needed when you move to a new place? Find out about these important things. They come in handy!

Why do we need cabinet locks?

Not all people need cabinet locks. Our experts say that locks are installed on furniture only when there is need for people to hide valuables or keep them locked for security reasons. Families usually install locks to keep kids from meddling with their things or putting their hands on things which might hurt them (like sharp tools).

Can I save more than one code on digital locks?

Of course you can. The number of codes you can save on your digital security door locks will depend on the model and brand of the lock. Though, the benefit of having digital systems is to obtain convenience. In most cases, you can add several codes so that all members of your family and even some other relatives can have a way in. They are all erasable and can be programmed again.

What are the requirements of effective key organization

Organize keys effectively to control access and provide optimum security. Experts suggest investing in a good quality key cabinet, which can be mounted in a convenient and safe location along with protection of a passcode. Use ID tags that will differentiate each key from the rest so you won’t cram for the right key to a particular lock.

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